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How The Specialist Room Company Works

It starts, very simply, with a small spark of an idea from you. It doesn’t have to be much; perhaps the image of an important meeting with colleagues in smart, crisp suits conducting important business around a sleek and stylish meeting table or a welcoming reception area that oozes professionalism and class with a neat desk and maybe a potted plant or two. This sliver of a dream is all that is needed to start the productive process of planning, designing and ultimately creating your own specialist room.

Next comes the fun part; embellishing those ideas. You will sit down with a decorative visionary who will talk through the important features that your room needs to have. During the meetings you will bounce so many ideas off each other that soon the infinitesimal splinter of a dream will, piece by piece, be built on, modified and moulded to create a sophisticated yet functional room to suit whatever need you have. If your dream is crystal clear to you and you know exactly what you want, this is the time to sit down and draw out the plans, making sure everything in your mind is exactly where it should be on paper before drafting in the contractors to help make your dream a 3-dimensional reality.

The administrative part of the process may not be as exciting as describing your vision to another or watching it come to life but it is a necessary part of project development. Making the time to discuss cost, quotations and time schedules is vital as it allows contractors, designers and clients to keep an eye on how the work is progressing and prevent any unexpected and unwelcome surprises. A good plan is a well-organised plan and this is what The Specialist Room Company specialises in. We aim to take away the stress of management and simply leave you to enjoy watching your dream come to life.

After the details have been finalised, the perfect space has been found for your ideas to root, contractors have been hired and materials sourced, that wonderful time has finally arrived when they can “break ground” as it were, and begin construction. This time is particularly exciting as it is a new venture in the making, your new venture. If this room is being created as a more suitable place for meetings, you can think on how many new bright ideas will be discussed. If it is a space for employees to take a break and relax on their lunch break, you can think of the morale boost that it will give and the soon-to-be-rising productivity levels. Perhaps it will be a freshly redecorated or constructed office for a newly promoted colleague or anything else you can think of, this time of enthusiastic anticipation is for you to enjoy and savour as it is all you will have to think about.

As this is your dream, a midway meeting will be held to make sure that what the contractors are constructing matches that vision of the ideal space in your mind. It is at this point that any concerns or mind-changes should be voiced. Plans may need changing for a variety of reasons but you will be consulted at every stage when, or indeed if, a change is required. Vice versa, if you decide to tweak your original plans, now is the time to voice your opinion and work with the designer and contractors to make sure the end result is what you want.

If given the all clear at the midway meeting, the construction will continue onto its final stages and finishing touches will begin to be completed. It is inevitable that the designers and contractors will all have lists of last minute touch ups and tasks that will need addressing before the room is fit for function (perfectionists normally do) and you are encouraged to inspect the space as well to ensure it is what you had in mind, both aesthetically and practically. Finally, if what is in front of you makes you smile and you start to picture it being used as you had imagined it right at the start of the design and construction process, then it is time to unveil your specialist room (ceremony optional).

Don’t think that that is the end, however. The Specialist Room Company will discuss the details of service and maintenance, regardless of the type of room, to keep your dream space fully functioning and serving its much needed purpose. They will advise correct care of any aspect of the room and provide ongoing advice and tips, should you need them in the future. And who knows, maybe the room will spark your imagination and give you more ideas for future space design… it could happen.

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