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Leisure rooms

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Leisure Rooms

The age old room of mystery, the Man Cave. A place to put children for peace and quiet, the games room. A university’s answer to keeping students entertained, a common room. Whatever the function, it is imperative that any entertainment room is equipped with all types of gadget and gizmo necessary to provide amusement to any age group. From big televisions to pool tables, sofas to recliners and fridges to bars, there is an unlimited number of possibilities that a leisure room can hold.

Through design and planning with the Specialist Room Company, even decorative aspects of the room can be sourced. There is no item too big or too small to be found and placed exactly where it is needed to give any leisure room a completely personal feeling. Try us; whether it is a portrait of the family or a signed photo of a football team, just see how far we will go to making your leisure room perfect.

Specialist in all aspects of room design, planning and installation