Interior design

Interior Design

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Interior Design

With all the hard planning work complete, the interior design part must follow. This part allows your artistic juices to start flowing and begin matching colours, fabrics and styles. For those whose artistic juices have long since dried up, why not make use of our Specialist Room designers who will get to know you and your preferences and come up with some designs for you to choose from that best represent your visions.

Features such as curtains or blinds can make a room appear larger if chosen carefully and can be matched to any sofas, chairs or cushions present in the room. Even the smallest details should be considered as these can add that extra sense of personality to any room. Choosing plants, picture frames and even the images to go inside these frames can leave an impression on any visitor to the room so it is vital to think carefully about what impression you would like visitors to leave with.

Why not go for a homier feel to an office? There are plenty of appliances that are becoming more stylish in appearance that will be at home in any office environment such as coffee makers or mini-fridges that can be stored out of sight if required yet provide a more comfortable environment for meetings to take place or simply to work in.

For the more relaxing and entertaining rooms such as home cinemas or games rooms, design should also be considered. Did you want your home cinema to have that look and feel of a real cinema? How about going completely personal with choice of design for a games room and adorn the walls with memorabilia from favourite sports teams or group photos of friends?

Whatever the room, the design is key to making it a place that you will actually want to use regularly. By using an interior designer, a space will be created that appears so epic you will never want to leave.

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