Entertainment rooms

Entertainment rooms

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Entertainment Rooms

An epic addition to any home; the entertainment room. To us, entertainment rooms scream home cinemas and the latest in audio-visual technology. They should have cinema-esque spotlights that can dim down to darkness when the enormous 3D smart TV is on and comfortable reclining chairs, or even sofas, to allow for that completely relaxed feel. For the real gadget Guru, why not enjoy surround sound as well or even sound that comes from the chairs themselves to put you right in the action.

These rooms can be designed with a you and your friends in mind so why not go over the top with necessities? How about remote controlled air conditioning or heating that can be controlled from the comfort of a chair? What about all of those cinema snacks? While normally being way overpriced at cinemas, you could invest in a popcorn maker or drinks machine to really give that realistic feeling. Use your imagination to create a room where you can enjoy some down-time with friends whilst letting your imagination wander. Seems worth contacting us to create this space, doesn’t it?

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