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Commercial kitchens

Commercial kitchens can cover a broad range of industries including schools, businesses, prisons and military kitchens. These types of kitchen all require similar features as they all have a fundamental similarity; they need to feed a large amount of people. This requirement therefore means that kitchen design should be thought about very carefully, particularly if there is not a great deal of space to work with. First and foremost, the two main aspects to think of are the space to prepare the food, meaning large worktops and benches, and the ability to be able to cook the food, large gas hobs, ovens and similar. With many mouths to feed, food for all must be available at the same time and kept hot if it is meant to be hot and cold if it is meant to be cold.

Large stainless steel worktops for easy clean are a must in conjunction with appliances such as ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers that can handle regular, day to day use on a grand scale. Don’t forget the warming plates or heat lamps that can keep large amounts of food warm ready for serving. With commercial kitchens, care is taken throughout the design process to ensure that it is fit for function and will allow for easy use and organisation.

Don’t forget, there is even the possibility of designing your very own portable kitchen as a new business venture. Portable kitchen designs are the most intelligent as they make a functional kitchen out of even the smallest of spaces that can be moved around to serve food at any number of events and functions. Why not give us a call to discuss this innovative option?

Domestic kitchens

Even when designing domestic kitchens, the same amount of care is taken to ensure it is fit for function and the homeowner can live with the end result. From worktops to appliances, cupboard doors to plumbing, it all will be thought through carefully and designed with you in mind.

With a larger space, breakfast bars or kitchen-diners can be discussed and drawn out to make clever use of the large space. There can be plenty of worktop space for baking with the family or hosting a dinner party for friends. For those with a smaller kitchen area, smart storage is where the magic truly lies. Nifty thinking can make the most of the space you have whilst still taking into account necessary appliances needed for the kitchen you need. Why not see how cunning we really are and contact us today?

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