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Audio Visual

The audio and visual fixtures of a specialist room can be as high-tech and futuristic as you please or, alternatively, they can be as simplistic as required. There are a great number of combinations of audio and visual packages that could be enjoyed and used for a variety of different room types.

A sensibly organised surround sound speaker system could be used in conjunction with a cinematic television setup to give that home cinema a more realistic feeling while allowing for wireless speaker control and not cluttering a room with wires.

For a more academic environment, interactive whiteboards, touch screen devices and projectors are a key aspect to aid learning as they provide more visual aids without being complicated to operate.

Even for a home environment, televisions cannot only be wall mounted to save space but also automated to allow for the television to be set at different angles, depending on viewer preference.

If you can imagine it, a customised audio visual package can be created that will exceed expectations and allow for full enjoyment and use of your Specialist Room.

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