Renovating a space? Need beautiful Furniture? Choose Stotto
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Specialist in all aspects of room design, planning and installation

Choosing The Specialist Room Company

The art of design and planning meets with timeless coordination and contracting. Where has the hassle free concept been for the last 10 years?

Often we see architects designing beautiful concepts to bring areas of buildings to life but the client often has to keep the stress of the day to day project management; they still feel responsible for managing outsourced help… Why?

Contractors stress at being project managers when their original strength in life is providing a trade. Making money from this seems to become more and more difficult as they are constantly fighting clients’ tight schedules and expectations; after all you cannot run the job as well as do the job.

The office buyer/facilities manager is constantly tasked with becoming the project manager. Their original job is to source suitable products and services to make the business better. How can they put all of their time into one single project? Surely they can’t look after other areas of the business properly?

You see, when the board of directors turns to you and assigns you the task of refurbishing the head office’s boardroom for entertaining clients in a style to best replicate the quality of service the company provides, not to mention providing a relaxing and productive home for deciding the future of the company, you really start wearing multiple hats. Taking a dream and turning it into reality? Not as easy as you first thought.

Brain storming and design

Planning (bearing in mind health and safety, the use of technology and the varying temperature that the seasons bring) Sourcing the: plumbers, interior designers, ceiling experts, mechanical & heating engineers, flooring contractors, labourers, painters & decorators and electricians all in time for the highlight of the project…

The beautiful centre piece… The furniture, including… But wait!

Are your Directors wanting a modern feel or something more traditional?

Do they want the furniture to be something that sacrifices looks to achieve length of use?

Will they want everything to be wireless or will they settle for cables draped across the centre piece… the beautifully hand crafted boardroom table?

In today’s world time is of the essence and we do not have a handful of assistants to take on extra and unnecessary work. You need the support and expertise of someone that can join your team, work for your managers, take away the hassle and still keep you in the lime light…